Advantage and disadvantage being a police

List of Cons of Being a Police Officer 1. You will belong to the few who are willing to risk their lives to maintain order and peace. Important Facts About Being a Police Officer The average pay for a entry level police officer is 55, dollars a year. They interact with criminals who may do anything to evade arrest.

Currently there are nearlypolice officers active in the United States. Responsibility and Commitment Police officers are responsible for responding to emergency situations and, in some instances, saving lives.

Citizen Opinions Many people hail police officers as being heroes and consider them to be brave and helpful people they can count on to come to their rescue in a time of need. Job Security Although unfortunate, domestic and international crime is on the rise and security is a major concern for our nation--as well as other nations.

Others may feel the risk is not worth the benefits that come with being a police officer.

Advantages & disadvantages of being a police officer

Some people may find this type of job exciting and like doing new tasks every day. Also, the respect that comes with being a police officer is satiating enough.

A police officer, one who is righteous and harbors the spirit of justice, will be one proud woman or man. Retirement Is A Breeze The benefits that you enjoy as a police officer are crazy.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Becoming a Police Officer

The continued demand for public safety will lead to new openings for police officers at the local level, while jobs at the state and federal level may be more competitive.

The job requires long hours, and many officers spend their lives on the force. Police and Detectives About the Author Gabrielle Nicolet has been writing and editing professionally since You will face rigorous cop training and afterwards, you will be in constant danger on the job.

Many police officer can retire at half-pay half their base salary after only 20 years of service and many federal officers and employees can retire at full retirement pay after 20 years in the service.

7 Pros and Cons of Being a Police Officer

Most communities view police officers with respect and admiration. Racing through traffic to crime scenes, risking being shot and approaching unsuspecting criminals are just some of the daily activities that make being a police officer dangerous. As a police officer, you will surely be both loved and hated.

Part of the job is dealing with unruly, abusive and difficult citizens and you need to have a lot of patience. This means that as a police officer, you also have to work at all times of the day and night. You have top of the line insurance, as well as simple ways to retire early!

Very few people in the world are actually proud of what they do.The Benefits of a Career in Law Enforcement Most attractive careers share some common characteristics including good benefits, promotion opportunity, and salary increases. However, law enforcement offers a few benefits and advantages not readily found in other career paths.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Criminal Justice Jobs

To be a police has both advantages and disadvantages. Police officers work twenty four hours a day, every single day of the year, to keep our communities, cities, towns, and selves safe. It is one of the most prestigious jobs that a person can have, but also one of the most difficult as well.

Being a police officer is inherently dangerous, and each day they go to work, police officers are risking their lives. Racing through traffic to crime scenes, risking being shot and approaching unsuspecting criminals are just some of the daily activities that make being a police officer dangerous.

The Benefits of a Career in Law Enforcement

What are the advantages of law enforcement? Ask New Question.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Being a Police Officer

Quora User, jail officers, or police officers are needed; Officers may choose what type of traffic violations to enforce or ignore; The nanny now has an arrest record as well as experiencing being arrested, jailed, and going through the process of a trial. OR, the officers. Advantages and disadvantages of a college degree Some studies have concluded that the advantage of a college-degreed officer goes beyond the theoretical and intangible ideals of “quality” and.

Advantage and disadvantage being a police
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