An examination of the movie wag the dog

Nelson, in an uncredited cameo and is thus re-elected president.

Everyone is upset, but Motts downplays the setback by declaring "this is nothing" the start of a running joke that gets increasingly hilarious as the movie progressesand proposes an "Act Two" to spin another fabricated story about a secret American unit stuck behind enemy lines and the missing-in-action story about a fellow American left behind in Albania.

The four of them are forced to hitch a ride on a tractor from a passing farmer to a gas station to call for help. Election Day comes and goes.

The filmed scene makes the evening news and brings up public intrest in the war. In an ironic tragicomedy ending, movie ends with a news report about a violent incident in Albania, but it is unclear whether this is a true event and that a very real war between the US and Albania has started, or simply a continuation of the fictional war.

Brean suggests creating an artificial war for television only to distract the American public and let the President get on with the job at hand However, more setbacks occur when Motts and Brean suggest bringing in a candidate to impersonate their non-existent war hero as an image to the public.

The next day, Motts and Brean venture to a studio back lot that Motts rents out where he hires a young, up-and-promising actress named Tracy Lime Kirsten Dunst to play an Albanian peasant girl carrying a CGI cat through the green-screen set up of a destroyed Albanian village.

Despite this latest setback, Motts again relates his quote "this is nothing" the trio return to Washington and they have the dead Schumann buried in Arlington National Cemetery as a war hero killed in the plane crash, and the funeral is broadcast all over the national news.

It is there when Schumann attempts to sexually assault the wife of the gas station owner which results in him getting shot dead in self defense by the owner.

The military release Sgt. Brean manages to talk the CIA agents to releasing them by insinuating that the CIA knows little about what is really going on with the world behind the scenes. Motts is seen being taken away by several agents to a waiting car.

Motts is glad to help out of blind loyalty to service for his country. Macy who confronts them with fabricating the non-existent war with Albania. But at a secret midnight meeting on a airport runway, the military police arrive where they agree to release a dangerous mental patient who once served in the military because he has the same last name, "Shoe", to portray the war hero of the conflict.

The synopsis below may give away important plot points. However the plane crashes off-camera killing the pilots and stranding Motts, Brean and Ames along with the deranged Schumann in a rural part of South Dakota "this is nothing" Motts quotes yet again.

Young releases them, but the next day, the CIA leaks the story about the war in Albania being over and focusing the attention back on the President. Synopsis The movie starts with a scandal at the White House where the unseen and nameless The President of the USA is accused of fondling a young girl scout visiting the Oval Office just a few weeks before Election Day.

The next morning, Brean reads a news report about Motts being found dead at his Hollywood home from an apparent "heart attack"Wag the Dog is a black comedy filmDeadline reported that Barry Levinson, Robert De Niro, and Tom Fontana are developing a TV series based on the movie for HBO.

De Niro's Tribeca Productions will co-produce along with Levinson and Fontana's company.

See also. Watch online full movie: Wag the Dog () for free. Shortly before an election, a spin-doctor and a Hollywood producer join efforts to fabricate a war in order to cover up a presidential sex scandal.

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2 the movie shows how vulnerable to manipulation the media and the public are. Wag the Dog depicts how public relations firms concoct various distractions to divert attention.

Wag the Dog is an average dark comedy that relies on a great cast and an effective script. Enjoyable, but could have been better, this film is a 85%(72). Jan 02,  · Barry Levinson's "Wag the Dog" cites Grenada as an example of how easy it is to whip up patriotic frenzy, and how dubious the motives sometimes are.

The movie is a satire that contains just enough realistic ballast to be teasingly plausible; like "Dr. Strangelove," it makes you laugh, and then it makes you wonder.4/4. Jan 09,  · Watch video · And he does that very well in this movie; at the beginning, we may think Conrad Brean and Stanley Motss are real sleazebags, but at the end, while we deplore the action they take of faking a war just for political ends, we can't quite dismiss them either/10(K).

An examination of the movie wag the dog
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