An introduction to the comparison of print and press

In the late s, researchers started to develop the internet and by the late 90s, the Worldwide Web was created. The Internet also produces lazy people. In this case, the word impact means to have an effect or influence.

In our high-tech world people choose mobility and fast temper of life.

At the top of the article there is always given its Internet address. Communicating and networking with people worldwide enhanced businesses. The printing press was created first in the s, during a time when printing was very tedious and time consuming.

Before the printing press, prints were block-printed. The Internet was not limited to words but also included music, images, and video. Information was able to spread much faster throughout a community.

The radio and television had been around but there was no way to transmit information from a single person to another without announcing it to the public. I am choosing not to go in depth with the history because I feel like it will take away from the question at hand.

Print Newspaper Nowadays more and more people prefer to look for information of different kind in online newspapers. Online newspapers became widely spread as a way to inform and unite readers according to their interests. To prove that the Internet has a bigger impact, with one click of a button, you can upload a single video that can spark a riot in a different country that can lead to many deaths.

The Internet has now turned into what we have presently. Starting with the printing press, the concept of moveable type set a path to eventually use machinery as a way to produce prints. Without communication, the knowledge that an individual obtains cannot be spread to others, which limits the growth of a society.

The example of Epoch Times International shows that such newspapers usually give an opportunity to choose different languages. All in all I consider it obvious that online newspaper has doubtless advantages in comparison with printed ones.

With that said, there have been two inventions that have sparked the spread of knowledge and information throughout a society and throughout the world. The History Guide, 13 May With the internet, the negative impact list can go on for just as long as the positive.

You might have an argument if it was solely positive impact but we are including negative as well. In this respect printed version yields much to the online one. There is really no such thing as privacy on the internet. Since it took longer to spread information, not everyone was educated to the same degree.

Mansueto Ventures, 12 Sept. Our experienced writers will provide you with a high-quality non-plagiarized custom essay for affordable price. With information becoming so easy to access, everyone believes they can do everything. Online newspapers give an opportunity to discuss the topic on forum, e-mail other readers or editors themselves.

The Internet had somewhat of a different feel. Printing became faster, easier, and cheaper. I mean that online newspapers actually became an international source, while newsprint versions just give a piece of information and no one would know whether it was appreciated or not.

Here is where the two begin to separate. People like scientists, researchers, and governments needed a way to communicate with each other quickly without having to decode a telegraph message.

There is essentially no limit to the amount of copies of a document so in effect provided the servers everyone in the world can read the same document at the same time.

Moreover such options let readers view newspapers of different countries as well. Cherry Blossom Festival Delights Vancouverites. This made the production rate of books and other scholarly prints much faster. Between the two inventions, it is tough to prove that the printing press had a bigger impact than the Internet.Most of us tend to take printed materials for granted, but imagine life today if the printing press had never been invented.

We would not have books, magazines or newspapers. Posters, flyers, pamphlets and mailers would not exist. The printing press allows us to share large amounts of information quickly and in huge numbers.

Digital printing is often faster than press printing. Pro: Accurate proofing. Since you create your job on the same machine you print on, proofs are often more accurate. Oct 16,  · Internet vs Printing Press: Impact on Society by Alido Rodriguez dadimadesign October 16, The two inventions are the Internet and the printing press.

filled with ink, and then transferred onto the paper. As stated in the introduction, this just took too much time. Samples: Comparison Essay: Online vs. Print Newspaper Nowadays more and more people prefer to look for information of different kind in online newspapers. In our high-tech world people choose mobility and fast temper of life.

That’s why I dare say that almost every piece of news can be found by means of Internet. Along with traditional. The printing press will be "responsible" for the change from the capability in the scribal era to that in the print era and networked computers will be responsible for the change from the capability in the print era to that of networked computers.

The printing press allowed knowledge and ideas to be stored easily and permanently in books and reach a wider audience. As such, censorship of print media was a major preoccupation of the authorities in the European states and churches.

An introduction to the comparison of print and press
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