Astrology and psychosynthesis

An Astrology and psychosynthesis number of men and women are animated by the will to implement and are actively working in all fields and within all different groups, outwardly unorganised but inwardly closely connected by a common dedication to the same purpose, as a world group of spiritual servers of humanity.

One which can be helpful to students is to relate the birth chart to a garden. As conflicts are painful and wearisome, many people try to get rid of them by evading the issues in various ways. So if we feel confused and stressed at times, with all our sub-personalities doing their own thing, it is not surprising.

It offers a sure foundation to the evaluation of a relationship. These tendencies and energies, which can be named superconscious, have with the conscious personality relationships Astrology and psychosynthesis interactions, all curiously analogous — at a higher octave- to those of the instinctive subconscious urges.

This is also called Graha Maitram Kuta.

In the garden analogy we can see this as new leaves developing on each little plant as it grows — and each of these leaves, or sub-personalities will relate back to the basic Drive which is within the seed. But the closest and more enlightening analogy is ever that of a living organism in which each cell, each organ, preserves, even visible, its own relative individuality, while intimately participating in and contributing to the collective life of the whole body.

Will you innately give to each other? The book is divided into three parts, showing how factors in the horoscope relate to our intelligence, to the integration of our personality, and to our love, sexuality and relationships.

The Beneficial Supplements are also called the Upaskaras. Psychosynthesis easily interfaces with the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. In the above mentioned Talks, Buber makes an interesting examination of the various historical manifestations of this tendency to action which deserves a careful study.

Anyhow these are sufficient in order to point out the ways to unification, to psychosynthesis. The Therapeutic Potential of Astrology.

Nobody can understand as well as does the Jew what it means to be tempted by oneself and nobody; has such a number of inhibitions as the Jew. Different defense systems that people have when they see counselors.

Psychosynthesis of the Jewish People

We may say that its most fruitful contribution has been the demonstration that there can be no real health, no inner harmony and freedom, no unimpaired efficiency, without first sincerely, courageously and humbly acknowledging all the lower sides of our nature, all the instincts, impulses, passions, the glamour and the illusions, plus their manifold combinations and deviations which dwell and seethe in our subconscious and which delude, limit and enslave us.

The stages of Psychosynthesis may be tabulated as follows: Will it be as big as this historical hour requires?

Subpersonalities and Planets

Will there be excessive obstructions that prevent your lives from completely coming together? They get the max possible one point. The psychosynthesis of the Jew as a human being, is based on the same principles and is achieved through the same methods which are effective for all: It thus involves a psychological rejuvenation of humanity and also the outburst of elementary primitive barbaric forces.

I cannot undertake at present such a task; it is a difficult one which — as previously said — should be undertake preferably by a group of earnest and competent men. They would have started out with this quality. Messianism is the deepest and most original idea of Judaism.

Many can at least give their support to those who devote themselves in a specific way to that great work. His contacts with the Theosphical Society and Alice Bailey acquainted him with the work of leading lights of Eastern philosophy and mysticism such as the Indian poet, Rabindranath Tagore; Sufi mystic, Inhayat Khan; Patanjali to name but a few.

These striking convergences and coincidences open to the Jewish people wide possibilities and are for it a source of high hopes. This Blog focuses on their relationship as an entity in itself. Alice also noted that when he lectured the spiritual power which poured through him was the means of stimulating many into renewed consecration in life.

Of earlier contacts, there appears to be no public record. He was imprisoned by the Italian dictator of World War II, Benito Mussolini, but was later freed through the intervention of powerful friends.

It is necessary to recognise and define the common ground underlying all differences and, most of all, to unite in the fulfilment of the common tasks, in the dedication to our mission in the world.

Astrology as a Cosmic Psychosynthesis: A Lecture by Dane Rudhyar

There are on one side the extreme fanatical rationalist, ready to use most violent means, regardless of consequences, and on the other side the uprooted cosmopolitans. To this objection we may answer that here we are not dealing with peoples in general but with nations as they exist at present and whose formation is comparatively recent.

Sub-personalities want to grow and transform and become a creative part of our adult life. Most certainly, the marriage would not have gone ahead. This should aim at the correction of our faults; at the elimination of the real or alleged causes which arouse or foster anti-semitism; at the development of the qualities which are deficient in ourselves and in the utilisation of those which are developed.

We are pleased to have made available this revised version of Astrological Psychosynthesis.

Mark Jones on the Therapeutic Potential of Astrology

All the preceding discussion is meant to be only an outline and a programme.Astrological Psychosynthesis: The Integration of Personality, Love and Intelligence in the Horoscope Paperback – March 1, by. Tag: Psychosynthesis. Roberto Assagioli Wikipedia well describes the pedigree of Roberto Assagioli and his psychosynthesis.

Psychosynthesis arose from the psychoanalytic tradition initiated by Freud, but was more akin to Jung’s revisionist approach, and indeed moved beyond it. The Meaning and Value of a Horoscope. What is Psychosynthesis? Psychosynthesis visions a therapeutic process that may as much be about uncovering our tremendous potential as people then it is about recovering and healing damaged parts of the Psyche.

Aug 17,  · An interview with astrologer and psychosynthesis therapist Mark Jones about his new book The Soul Speaks: The Therapeutic Potential of Astrology. Join psychosynthesis counselor and professional astrologer Mark Jones on a journey into the healing potential of soul psychology.

See through the many myths that can distort an understanding of astrology in order to communicate an effective and clear vision. The title of this article has been chosen because it indicates in a concise way its main subject and aims, but a more exact and complete title would have been Psychoanalysis and Psychosynthesis of the Jewish People.

(1) Indeed psychosynthesis presupposes or rather includes as its first and necessary stage, psychoanalysis. There is in this .

Astrology and psychosynthesis
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