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That interaction hit the molecules and atoms Aurora research essay the atmosphere. Indeed, there are many processes that work behind the creation of the aurora borealis. The plasma will then travel from the corona through an opening in the magnetic field of the sun Pettersen 3.

However, quantum leaps in hydrogen atoms are only partly responsible for the existence of the aurora borealis Pettersen 6.

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When the said particles have reached the magnetic field of the Earth, there can be two outcomes. These auroras occur above the surface of the earth, at an estimated 1, kilometers. These solar flares emit what is called plasma; plasma is the group of electrons and protons which come from the disintegrated atoms of the solar flares.

On one hand, the particles can be trapped. The undermost part of the auroral spread is estimated to have a height of kilometers, while its width measures around kilometers or more Akasofu Other colors in Aurora research essay aurora borealis include red, yellow, purple, and pink Akasofu Aurora Borealis-the northern lights.

Red and yellow are produced by molecules of oxygen, while the color purple is caused by nitrogen atoms. These eruptions, called solar flares, are characterized by the collision of particles which result in the breakdown of atoms into electrons and nuclei.

This is the reason why the aurora borealis is most often seen at midnight; it is also seen up north in a circle which includes the central Alaska, the coast of Siberia near the Arctic Ocean, the northern edge of the peninsula in Scandinavia, Iceland, Greenland, and the Southern part of the Hudson Bay Akasofu The aurora in its entirety also proceeds in two directions: The simultaneous quantum leaps are responsible for the creation of the aurora borealis Pettersen 6.

The Earth is at the end of this tunnel, and in its surrounding is where the solar wind and the magnetism of the Earth meet. In the case of the aurora borealis, the conversion of energy into light is made possible by quantum leap Pettersen 6.

Works Cited Akasofu, Syun-Ichi. However, in the corona or the atmosphere of the sun, the temperature continues to increase with a million degrees. When an electron quickly strikes another hydrogen electron, energy is emitted. The general appearance of auroras resembles that of clouds, with its streaks and arches.

The belts, which are oval in shape, have a radius which measures 2, kilometers. The entire scope of the aurora appears to have folds or pleats at the bottom.

In this case, it contains more energy; however, it is not stable and has no capacity to maintain the energy acquired. There are times when the auroras are seen in motion; they suddenly glow and go grow brighter.

On the other hand, it can move towards the magnetic poles. The process begins with the heightened period in the year cycle of the sun.

These belts may spread extensively in great distances from east to west, but from north to south its width is a mere one kilometer. The hydrogen atom in question is composed of one positively charged proton nucleus; at a distance, one electron revolves around this nucleus.

Usually, when the electron is in close proximity with the proton, the hydrogen atom has less energy. To better explain what quantum leap is, a hydrogen atom should be used as an example. As a result, while the electron resumes its primary orbit, the excess energy is emitted as a light photon.

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One of them occurs in the Southern Hemisphere called the aurora australis, which is also known as the southern lights. Nonetheless, it is also possible that the orbit of the electron can be at a much greater distance from the nucleus.

It also causes the spinning electron to transfer in another orbit not only with more energy but also with more distance from the nucleus.Research Papers words | ( pages) | Preview Female Rebellion In Aurora Leigh and The Lady in the Looking-Glass - Female Rebellion In Aurora Leigh and The Lady.

* The marine research, with the technical assistance of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources of the Department of Agriculture and such other agencies involved in marine research, shall conduct continuing research and experimentation on the culture and propagation of native marine species especially as they apply to the peculiarities.

Annotated Bibliography Aurora Leigh: A Poetry Analysis Cengage,Gale.

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Poetry Criticism: Aurora Leigh. enote, On analyzing Barrett Browning’s poem, you must also consider background information of when and why her piece was published.

This article highlights the fact that the poem was published pre antebellum and highlights. Aurora Borealis There exists a phenomenon in which a bright blanket of light covers the sky at night.

The typically dark night sky becomes aglow with various colors; it seems as if the heavens are draped with natural light rays - Aurora Borealis essay introduction. Research essay sample on The Northern Lights Aurora Borealis custom essay writing lights northern night solar. Below is an essay on "Aurora" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Aurora Borealis Auroras are known as northern and southern polar lights or (aurorae).

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