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ABOUT US BBC Business English is developed by a team of corporate instructors and instructional technology designers at WebSwami, a leader in language learning platforms, in cooperation with the BBC language services incorporating a million pound budget movie - produced specially for business English learners with well-known TV actors.

The course saves precious student and instructor time as students can practice realistic conversations at any time on any device, and instructors just need to mark key activities at their own leisure without students being present.

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You can review the module topics below. Watch the video to see how! Essential Skills Gain practical business English skills with topics on presentations, telephoning, meetings, sales, negotiations, customer bbc learning english business presentations and social networking.

They also fail to use video technology innovatively, while often lacking practical corporate language. Fun Oral Practice Accelerate fluency by speaking with video characters in business simulations, comparing pronunciation on camera, plus many more fun video activities.

Each episode contains 10 module topics with up to hours of exciting learning activities and dramatic movie storyline. Building Business English Fluency Faster The most innovative Business English training solution using video on any device - for students, language schools, colleges and companies Subscribe Now!

With diverse expertise in video production, animation, game development, mobile app design, and over 10 years corporate training experience, Gavin spearheads technology development and instructional design. He brings with him a critical understanding of strategies required to understand, assist and motivate learners, which has helped him to lead content development for BBC Business English.

How It Works Students learn by watching clips of the 2-hour BBC movie along with video tutorials, then practise speaking through engaging activities such as business simulations and pronunciation activities using their mobile or desktop cameras.

Nick has brought his innovative classroom techniques to BBC Business English, ensuring the course remains learner rather than technology centered.

Click on your region below to get instant access to your free account today: The BBC Movie Follow and learn from the fun and dramatic story of Bibury Systems, a high-tech company designing and launching a new product.

With his many years abroad in Asia, he has a critical understanding of second language learner difficulties and adapting strategies to help students in the workplace. Please contact us for detailed course objectives and module units.

Scenarios require students to solve real business problems and to communicate even personal work related issues; requiring them to think in English and not just listening passively.

BBCBE Video Tour Many solutions claim to integrate video into the learning experience, but rarely go beyond traditional watch and learn approaches. While most activities are auto-marked, video feedback can also be given for recorded business simulations and presentations.

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BBCBE uses mobile devices and HD cameras to create a truly unique learning experience through real video interactivity enabling students to build fluency faster, improve pronunciation, increase confidence and express themselves more dynamically in work situations.

We felt that current business English solutions with an emphasis on watch-and-repeat methods are not effective in developing fluency.BBC Learning English Talking Business Presentations: Opening _____ _____ Talking Business ©BBC Learning English Feb 27,  · After you have greeted your guests, you will begin to go through the main body of your presentation.

It's very useful to have some visual aids - some slides, pictures or. BBC Business English is divided into two parts, Episode One and Episode Two. Each episode contains 10 module topics with up to hours of exciting learning activities and dramatic movie storyline.

You can review the module topics below. Student presentations. Average: (57 votes) Presentations can also form a natural part of task based learning.

By focussing on a particular language point or skill, the presentation is a very practical way to revise and extend book, pair and group work. Business English students need to have much more sophisticated.

BBC Business English

Title: Talking Business Author: BBC Learning English Subject: Presentations - body Keywords: elt, TEFL, practise, practice, comprehension, business. Title: Talking Business Author: BBC Learning English Subject: Presentations - opening Keywords: elt, TEFL, practise, practice, comprehension, business.

Bbc learning english business presentations
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