Bpcl energising business plan

As a part of this initiative, we have also undertaken regular inspection visits to check and assure cleanliness of toilets for use of our customers and public at our retail outlets.

To sum up, BPCL has fully embraced the objectives of the Swachh Bharat Mission and is confident to meet the sustainability vision of the program through the combined zeal and commitment of our partnering stakeholders.

Our intention, as always, is to kindle the spirit of selfless service and spread the energy all around. To ensure sustainability of these toilet blocks, BPCL has also committed to fund the maintenance of these toilets for a period of three years in collaboration with bpcl energising business plan concerned state authorities.

As Bharat Petroleum steps into its 40th Foundation Year on January 24,it has embarked on a unique exercise to identify and award Indians who are spending their lives to improve the quality of life of others around them.

BPCL does not see itself as merely a funding partner but more as a collaborative and active partner in every project that we take up. Instances of selfless individuals who have not necessarily been featured in national media, but their efforts are known, acknowledged and appreciated by the community where they work.

Under the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan - Swachh Vidyalaya Mission, BPCL has undertaken the construction of toilet blocks for girls and for boys in government schools in 26 districts spread across seven states. Additionally we also had brainstorming sessions with stalwarts in the social sector through various platforms to decide on our CSR strategy.

These are areas that BPCL is actively engaged in through its ongoing corporate social responsibility work, and are in synergy with its corporate vision and philosophy. The fund disbursement is also linked to the deliverables of the project so as to ensure better control over envisaged results.

Open Media Network, which publishes Open Magazine, is the knowledge and management partner of the awards. What kind of change-makers are you looking for? We will continue to strive towards enabling and empowering our neighbourhood to chase and cherish dreams of an exemplary society. The content of the workshop is designed as per the feedback and requirement of our partners.

We have also put in place well defined processes for submission of proposals, vetting of proposals and approvals thereof. Nominations are being invited from Indian citizens to shortlist deserving candidates in these categories.

We share best practices which we come across through our interactions across India; working with different partners.

What are your main considerations when it comes to funding social projects? The awards ceremony will be held in Mumbai on Sunday, January 24,and comprise of a citation along with a cheque worth Rs 2. Another area in which we also facilitate our partners is on the capacity building aspect that is the key element for ensuring continued success and sustainability of our projects.

There are 2 important considerations for selection of social projects: These are with the sole intention of nation building. Periodic visits are made to project sites for interacting with various stakeholders and review meetings are held to address any gaps in the project deliverables as also to decide on strategies to derive intended social impacts.A Note to Our Investors Bharat Petroleum has constantly endeavoured to maximise returns for our investors.

And with this objective in mind, our future strategy is to strategically expand upstream activities through organic and inorganic opportunities, invest in refining and distribution capacities, expand capacities and improve.

Energising BPCL Kochi Refinery AMAZING AMAZING REFINERY Happy New Year. facilities in BPCL Kochi Refinery in the last few years. Friends, one of the most challenging years in the Business Plan targets. Indeed, in the last year we have reached many milestones and have met most of our challenges.

At BPCL, International Trade involves the import of crude oil, import and export of finished products, transportation of coastal product, risk management.

Indian LPG Business Delights from the Synergy Between Regulations and Technology.

KNOW MORE. 11 JULY Integration of Refining and Petrochem Industry. KNOW MORE. “BPCL’s CSR mission is to kindle the spirit of selfless service and spread the energy all around.”.

BROMA: BUSINESS CASE Identified business needs: •Need for connecting BPCL system to external stakeholders (Customers and vendors) to get real-time data on issues related to its field equipment •Need for state-of-the-art maintenance monitoring system to reduce downtime and.

Nov 29,  · This case study for Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. (BPCL) showcases how Mirum India, with its nation-wide digital campaign, reached out to .

Bpcl energising business plan
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