Caring for our country business plan 2013-14

The plan will coordinate and prioritise the way the Australian Government collects, manages and uses environmental information. Regional communities, including Landcare, professional farming, industry and other community groups or individuals involvement in manage natural resources.

Previous programmes

CLG projects commenced in July and are to be completed by March BOM will conduct a review of existing environmental data to meet national environmental information priorities, to identify potential gaps in our existing capabilities, and establish expert technical panels and partnerships with key Australian Government agencies to develop and deliver specific products.

Regional community leaders, including women, young people, Indigenous Australians and culturally diverse communities involvement in agriculture or fisheries production and the protection of natural resources. Trialling innovative practices to improved natural resources management Improving knowledge and skills in managing our natural resources to deliver ecosystem services.

In the first four years, the initiative will: The policy sets a clear direction for Australia over the next 10 years, toward producing less waste for disposal, and managing waste as a resource to deliver economic, environmental and social benefits.

The National Party and Australian Greens Senators have criticised the reduction in funding to Landcare and other natural resource management programs. The National Waste Policy sets out a comprehensive agenda for national coordinated action on waste across six key areas: Adoption of sustainable and low environmental impact management practices to increase productivity.

It will complement action to deliver greenhouse gas emission reductions, reduce energy and water use, support jobs, and invest in future long term economic growth. It represents a long-term approach to building and improving our environmental information base.

These actions are contributing to the following programme outcomes: Sustainable Agriculture programmes were administered by the Department of Agriculture. It will promote more consistent regulation and address market impediments. Adoption of sustainable land management practices to increase productivity and improve the quality of ecosystem services delivered to the broader community, whilst building resilience to climate change.Table 2: Expense measures since the ‑14 Budget (a) Caring for our Country — redirection of funding The New Colombo Plan.

Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate, financial year ended 30 June a Risk Management Plan and a Business Continuity Plan.


of the Directorate’s expenditure and largely relates to grants provided under the Commonwealth Caring for our Country funding agreement and the Outreach program which assists low income. Women’s Budget Highlights a strong and fair society for all Australians.

May Caring for our Country – Sustainable Agriculture Stream 19 Our plan, as it has always been, is to make the necessary investments in Australia’s future to.

Caring for the environmental crime and the lack of compliance is also of grave concern to our country and must be condemned. Working together with the South African Incorporated in this five year strategic plan is our /14 annual performance plan.

Environment and natural resource management

WA Health Operational Plan – 2 Introduction WA Health – our Western Australian public health system – provides safe, high quality health service delivery to nearly million Western Australians. Operational Plan – 3 1. Caring for individuals and the community Our Priorities for Caring for our Country was an initiative that offered multi-year funding to provide certainty for stakeholders.

The Australian Government announced that Caring for our Country would be combined with the National Landcare Programme in The.

Caring for our country business plan 2013-14
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