Changing rights and freedoms

This policy caused the Changing rights and freedoms to live in poverty and be the victims of discrimination. Paternalism and the forced removal of Aboriginal children, which was condoned by the other policies, officially ended. The Stolen Generations continued, but reserves and missions were slowly shut down and Aboriginals were allowed to move to towns and cities, as long as they gave up their culture and religious beliefs.

During this time Aboriginal people continued to fight for their lost rights and freedoms. For the first time Aboriginal people had the right of way to say how their lives were run.

Self-determination was a major step towards Aboriginal people having the same rights and freedoms as those enjoyed by white Australians. How to cite this page Choose cite format: Report Story The Protection, Assimilation, Integration and Self-Determination policies had a significant impact on the changing rights and freedoms for the Australian Aboriginal people.

Another aspect of the Assimilation policy was that Aborigines had the lack of right in Citizenship and were not recognised as citizens. This was a policy aimed at having Aboriginal communities taking part in decisions that affected their lives. Integration meant that many Aboriginals still kept their cultural and spiritual beliefs, but others lived in poverty, not belonging to either race.

This policy left Aboriginals with no freedom, language or culture of their own. As the rights of Aborigines continued to change, Assimilation was replaced by the policy of Integration in One of the main reasons self-determination became fore front of the government policy was because the Whitlam government recognised that a multicultural society was much more achievable and beneficial for Australia, Also wanting all groups of culture to be treated equally.

Through their place polices of protection, assimilation, integration and self determination we were able to look into the minds of the Aboriginal people and to see how their lives effected them and their culture.

As people wanted to destroy Aboriginal culture, the Federal government encouraged people to accept it and schools began to teach Aboriginal culture and history to both indigenous and white children.

After the Second World War they were counted as citizens if they applied for a certificate. However, most people would not employ or house Aboriginals so they had to live on the outskirts as "fringe dwellers".

Changing Rights and Freedoms Essay

Eventually the policy was changed to allow Aboriginals to live without harsh controls. As the Aboriginals were finally allowed to vote in Federal elections inthe Freedom Rides of and the Referendum, these were some major gains for them during this time.

This gave Aboriginals the courage to protest, with many organisations being introduced to help Aboriginals. The government also realised that a multicultural society was more beneficial, so they gave recognition of Aboriginal arts and began teaching Aboriginal history in all schools.

Inthe government introduced the policy of self-determination. These four major government policies have contributed towards the changing rights and freedoms of Aboriginal people.

The policy involved the loss of land for Aboriginals and the forced removal of Aboriginal children from their homes.

Hire Writer As these words were said by Noel Blair we can say that this policy had a very negative effect on the Aboriginals Rights and Freedoms.

This changed aboriginals for the better and allowed them to vote in Federal elections inthe Freedom Rides of and the Referendum.Description of activity. Students assess the significance of one of the following events or issues to the changing rights and freedoms of Aboriginal people.

The rights and freedoms of Aboriginal people changed significantly between the years and The Australian government put in place polices of protection, assimilation, integration and self.

Chapter Read through chapter of their textbook. Look up Helen Reddy’s ‘I am woman’ on youtube and listen. What message is presented in this song? - How have Australian activists brought about change in the rights and freedoms of Aboriginal Australians?

Outcomes Changing Rights and Freedoms; During this topic you will learn about: explain social, political and cultural developments and events and evaluate their impact on Australian life. Unit: Changing rights and freedoms: Aboriginal people In this unit you will learn.

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Changing rights and freedoms
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