Confederation canada 1867 essay

Canada industrialized very slowly, and therefore generated few high-paying jobs. Unlike their southern neighbors, Canadians had never adopted Manifest Destiny, the idea that Canadians must dominate their continent from sea to sea.

Immigrants were bypassing Canada for the fast-growing United States, where high wages and new jobs and fresh lands were awaiting the ambitious. Connections to American railways proved valuable. Mowat, premier from untilbecame the "implacable enemy" of Prime Minister Macdonald [29] as a result of a series of court decisions regarding provincial jurisdiction over liquor licenses, use of streams, and mineral rights.

Many people believed this policy was only beneficial to Ontario, as the Maritimes especially depended on trade with the United States.

The Orange boasted of the supremacy of their Anglo-Saxon civilization and Protestant culture over the backward, medieval, priest-ridden Catholicism.

Immigration surged, and a spirit of optimism returned to Canada. These factors led to the first serious discussions about real political union in Canada. Unexpectedly, Confederation canada 1867 essay went beyond petitions and organized a military force that escalated into a small war, the North-West Rebellion of Since most of the equipment was imported from Britain or the United States, and most of the products carried were from farms, mines or forests, there was little stimulation to manufacturing.

Canadians distrusted their politicians, and repeatedly sought out and discovered corrupt deals, especially financial contracts made by and for the benefit of politicians. It did not participate in the original Confederation conferences, but agreed to join Canada in when Macdonald promised to build a transcontinental railroad to it.

Post-Confederation era

This was an important step towards Confederation. Defending Canada was a low priority. In Premier Mowat threatened to pull Ontario from Confederation over the issue.

Upper Canada Ontario was the hub of British colonial power and wealth. InJuly 1 was formally established as Dominion Day to celebrate Confederation. Macdonald sent the militia to put down the rebellion, which they quickly did, and Riel fled to the United States.

Anglophones went to New York, Michigan and Minnesota.

Canadian Confederation Essay

He felt Canada was on the verge of becoming a world power, and declared that the 20th century would "belong to Canada". Wilfrid Lauriera Catholic from Quebec, became prime minister. It created tourist hotels in the mountains, most famously at Banff, Alberta and nearby Chateau Lake Louiseas well as landmark stations in major cities.

Miners had to enter through American Alaska to get there. Norry does not view any of these developments as being important, and instead argues that new methods of dry farming lead to the breakthrough. The hard-scrabble farms were hard-pressed to compete with American agriculture.

Bourassa denounced Laurier when Laurier eventually decided to allow a volunteer force to fight in the war, even though the other option would have been calling up an official army. Canadian Confederation In the s, the British were concerned with the possibility of an American assault on Canada in the wake of the American Civil War.

Intermarriage was rare and indeed friendships and casual communication was not sought after. If you need a custom essay or research paper on this topic please use our writing services. Confederation had evolved into a creation beyond John A.

It was a matter of ensuring good relations between London and Washington, at the expense of Canada. Some rebels escaped to the U. In the Komagata Maru arrived in Vancouver with Sikhs aboard, but only 24 were admitted.

Many businessmen, on the other hand, wanted to join the United States, leading to political tension in the upper class clubs and boardrooms. Riel led the Red River Rebellion in andduring which he executed an uppity Orange Protestant Irishmancausing an uproar among Protestant English Canadians.

By the dominion government passed the Chinese Immigration Actwhich prohibited all Chinese immigration until it was repealed in On July 1,celebrations occurred nationwide as confederation passed and Canada became an independent country.

With the uniting of Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, the Dominion of Canada was created. The year is perhaps Canada’s best known year historically, for it is the year we became a country, independent and free.

However confederation did not begin as an idea inbut rather a few years prior to Summary of Canadian Confederation Essay Words Apr 4th, 4 Pages During the years before Confederation, there was much happening in the colonies that would eventually unite to become the Dominion of Canada in An essay or paper on Confederation of Canada.

In the year of the nation we know as Canada came into being. The Confederation in this year only came about after things had been overcome. Many political and economic pressures were exerted on the colonies and a federal union of the colonies seemed to be the most practical method of dealing.

The History of the Canadian Confederation Essay. The year is perhaps Canada’s best known year historically, for it is the year we became a country, independent and free. The Confederation Act of Essay - The Confederation act of without question has had a major influence on the status of contemporary Canada.

It has helped shape Canada into one of the worlds most politically and economically powerful countries; a country that is strong, independent, and united.

Confederation canada 1867 essay
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