Descriptive essay about hot weather

You can cook spaghetti without having to break it up. Descriptive summer essay Essay - Example Essays. Thus passed the hottest day.

The cool breeze seemed to put life into me. I stayed mostly indoors. Perhaps they too had as urgent a business as I had. Clouds began to thunder and lightning began to flash. I felt for those who have to be out in this hot weather, particularly the hawkers who moved from street to street selling their goods.

The Role of Youth in Climate. I cooked a whole pound 1 box of elbow macaroni at once in this cooker and it did not boil over.

Essay on hot summer day

The birds and beasts were all gasping for breath. Even the children who are full of the wine of life did not stir out.

It was the month of June. In the northern hemisphere, summer is the warmest season of the year; extending from the summer solstice through to the autumnal equinox. All of a sudden, the sky was overcast with clouds. Teaching how to write descriptive essays: The sun was right over the head.

It was about 10 a. This air proved stiffling. It was foggy and misty. As soon as the rain stopped, I made for the school on my cycle. Some fruits such as mangos and pineapples, become ripe during summer, so this season present the opportunity for people to enjoy them.

In order to prevent from becoming a victim of snatch theft, people need to be more careful. One of my friends had been suddenly taken ill. The bazars were not huming with any activity at all. A few minutes walk on the road was highly uncomfortable.

This season introduces the raining season, because of the heat, water is evaporated and the vapours are safely stored in the atmosphere, in turn these vapours are turned into clouds that fall as rain for four months.

As a matter of fact, it is a pain to move out during the summer days, for Delhi is like a furnace.

405 Words Essay on a Cold Winter Morning

They wanted to finish their daily chores. The hospital was about six miles away. People of Delhi have to bear extreme hot and sunny weather from March till September every year. I wrapped, it round my head and waited.

Help and free advice on college application essays and college entrance essays. For most people this time of the year is associated with fun as schools break on holidays and most offices are not fully active. As I strode past her, I saw two men on a motorbike riding slowly towards her.

They had put on woollen suits, pull-overs, over-coats, socks and gloves, yet they felt cold and uncomfortable. But to their bad luck, the light is tripped.

Based on the picture given, write about the incident for your school magazine. This has been and is still the most celebrated aspect of this season.

Short Essay on Summer Season (557 Words)

India is a land of many seasons. The horrifying incident unfolded right in front of my eyes as I was walking to school for my football practice last week.Essay on hot summer day.

Article shared by. It was the month of June. Days were getting hotter and hotter. I set the cooler on. The cool breeze seemed to put life into me. I felt for those who have to be out in this hot weather, particularly the hawkers who moved from street to street selling their goods.

Essay on a Visit to Hill. Free Essay: Comparison and Contrast Essay Hot and Cold Weather Comparisons Albert Weyant COMM/ - Essentials of College Writing September 15, Dr. Essay on A Hot Summer Day.

Essay on A Hot Summer Day

Article shared by. In the hot weather drinking cold water and having cold drinks is indeed very refreshing. I love to have Rooh Afza and also enjoy swimming.

I can remain in the pool for hours together. Essay on Hot. A Visit To A Building of Historical Interest. Home Essays Weather Descriptive Essay. Weather Descriptive Essay. Topics: Tornado Like a cool breeze that suddenly crosses over the hot sands of our minds, we suddenly are swept up from something that finally brings a new sense of understanding into our lives – ultimately changing us forever.

Eric Zapata Descriptive Essay Prof. A hot day in summer is sultry and scorching. It is full of sweat and perspiration. One wishes a cold bath again and again. But even then there is no rest or respite. Descriptive Essay About The Worst Weather Conditions First Draft Weather has a way of making people feel a certain way, by affecting their mood Bright and sunny weather tends to make people happier, while dull and dreary weather brings about less appealing emotions, such as grumpiness, sadness, or fear.

Tornado weather, especially in tornado alley, is a source of emotion.

Descriptive essay about hot weather
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