Essay on joint family system

The unity among its members is a great strength to face and remove any obstacles with sheer courage. There was total and genuine respect for all elders, and firm discipline was maintained. It is an age-old system having a long history of its own Definition of Joint Family: Each member is guaranteed the lowest subsistence for the living.

The feeling of togetherness and selflessness is the essence of joint family. Minimum subsistence of Essay on joint family system living The necessities of all the family members taken care. It normally consists of members who at least belong to three generations: The joint family is the bedrock, on which Hindu values and attitudes are built.

Hence, the joint family puts into practice the concept: In fact, they were all too preoccupied with domestic duties and chores to think of rights and privileges. Thus members lose initiative. No member of the joint family, elder and youngster, had to bother about food and shelter—problems which cause a great deal of worry to people who are living separately and entirely on their own limited resources.

When family comes together, then nobody can break it from togetherness. No type of family is self-reliant that way today. I love helping Aspirants. As was inevitable, the system has broken up in most places under the mounting modern pressures of various types.

Essay on joint family vs. nuclear family system

It need not be passed on from generation to generation. As a result there grows in them a feeling of camaraderie that is free from any discrimination of one being a full brother or a cousin. The family prospers squarely if the patriarch and the other constituents observe the norms soundly and healthily.

Helps to better study of the children In the big family, their kids study in the group according to their age matching. The size of the joint family has become small. Everyone needs the family support due to any problem.

In the patriarchal joint families, women serve the food to men at first and take their meals afterwards. In the final, much depends on the degree of adaptability of the members comprising the joint whether they are refined personalities or otherwise whether they would cherish the blessings of a joint or whether they would prefer to stay separate.

Sometimes some crooked member of the family plot to torture and exploit another innocent member of the family. In India, this system prevailed among the Hindus as well as non-Hindus.

It is so because in the past procreation was regarded as a religious duty. The importance of joint family is understood by the Indians since time immemorial.

The younger members rarely challenge their decisions and arrangements. There could be resistance to new customs and progressive ideas of young people by the elder generation. Joint family can be run successfully if the members remain committed to each other.

Festival enjoyments When the family is lives together, then in every festival creates so much pleasure and brings much happiness.

Family for a Hindu is a sacred institution deriving sanction from religion and social traditions with myths and legends.

Importance of Joint Family

The total earnings of the members are pooled into a family treasury and family expenses are met with out of that, 6. The foundation of joint family is based on cooperation and unselfishness and tolerance. So far as the relationship between husband and wife is concerned, wives are being treated at par with their husbands.

Naturally it imposes a kind of unwritten discipline that those who are more able economically shall share some of the burden of those who are not. Conjugal relationship has also been treated on par with consanguine relationship.

The changes are structural, functional and interactional in nature. The reason of the small size of the joint family is attributed to the Essay on joint family system use of contraceptives and the tendency to regard children as an obstacle to the progress and enjoyment of family life.

Still, they try to retain regular contacts and the feeling of belonging to the same family. Interactional Changes in the Hindu Joint Family: But today due to the influence of liberalism, individualism and economic independence, the young boys and girls are increasingly participating in the decision-making process of mate selection.

But in the changing social scenario his control has been lessened to a great extent. But they can hardly depend on themselves today.This essay provides information about the changes in joint family system in India, its structure, functions and interaction.

The joint family system was best suited to an agrarian society characterized by limited mobility, simple division of labour and the prevalence of customs and traditions.

But. Indians are known for family-oriented culture. The family values play a very important role in their social life. A very important responsib. A joint family comprises members of the family that are related one another and share a common ancestry, religion, and property.

All the working members of the family pool together what they earn and ha them over to the head who is usually the eldest. free essay: [pic] [pic] scheme of presentation introduction history of joint family system nuclear family system v/s joint family system role of.

I shared her views on the joint family system. I had had first hand experience of living in a joint family. I could write a thesis on the su. Essay on Joint Family System – Definitions, Types and Characteristics – The joint family is also known as ‘undivided family’ and sometimes as ‘extended family’.

It normally consists of members who at least belong to three generations: husband and wife, their married and unmarried children; and their married as well as unmarried grandchildren.

Essay on joint family system
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