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Before he has a chance to respond, Monsanto objects and they go to sidebar. Portier concludes that the evidence is strong enough to state that glyphosate can cause oxidative stress in mammalian cells.

It proudly re-enters the arena, resting on an easel. Hardly hotheaded, Portier is sharp and collected. Portier obliges, takes the pen and crosses out a study. Griffis unsuccessfully tries to depict Portier as a person acting with conflicts of interest.

If there was no repeated exposure, that damage normalized by the final blood reading four months later. Wisner questions Portier about why the use of RoundUp went up so much in the s, and Portier avoids any temptation to discuss the introduction of GMO crops.

Glyphosate Girl Copyright The data showed a higher degree of DNA damage in the exposed group compared to the control, suggesting that the formulation used during aerial spraying glyphosate had a genotoxic effect.

That board is expensive! A bit more questioning, and Monsanto is up. At the five day point, there was a significant increase in DNA damage in the blood samples of those who had been exposed. The control was an organic coffee farm.

Day 4 – Well Played, Dr. Portier

We are shown two maps of the United States that are shaded to represent glyphosate use quantities. We know from the Bolognesi study that damage normalizes in four months, so any damage seen would have corrected in the two years since the spray. One is from and one from We discussed the animal data yesterday and concluded it was strong.

A chemical with overwhelming animal studies and mechanistic data that shows it to be cancer causing? Bolanos lets this continue, until Wisner points out the enormous double standard.

Griffis awkwardly tries to stretch the microphone cord, which already appears to be on its last wirey legs. For frame of reference, the Plaintiff counsel puts documents up in their original format. Griffis discusses the idea of false positives and asks how many of the animal studies may have simply been false positives.

With each question, Portier is fast to respond with brilliant answers. He says he did but did not get the position.

Monsanto boldly posts documents and evidence without asking permission of the Plaintiff nor the judge. Blood was tested before the exposure, five days after spray and four months after spray.

Griffis asks Portier to put a big X through the studies on the chart that may hold false positives.You don't need a fancy power ring to become a comic subscriber; here's how to do it! Step 1: Head over to Previews World and choose comics you would like to subscribe to.

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This statement is often used in place of "touché". However, "well played" shows more class. The proper use is when one has been defeated or has lost in a battle of words.


Good Game Well Played. Used in online games. Used in online games. Also can be used in real life, where it simply means " game over," and can be used in non-game situations.

Gg well played
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