How to write a feature story pdf

Learn how to distinguish one from the other Visualize the reaction of your reader. The plot should build up tension and not be boring. Cite this Article A tool to create a citation to reference this article Cite this Article. Tip Build the main body of the feature story comprehensively.

Discuss the feature story with friends and colleagues and get their feedback. Do not use long sentences, as reading them becomes drudgery.

Good wrap-up is a crucial aspect of any powerful feature story. Write an impressive introduction. They can provide valuable insights by looking objectively at your writing. It enlivens the plot or development of the story. Study the language, ideas, presentation and the wrap-up patterns of various feature stories.

Conclude with a powerful message. Remember not to use too many punctuation symbols, as it will make your writing appear amateur and frivolous. Be sure about the purpose of writing the feature story. The more features stories you create, the better you will become.

Weave a proper and continual thread to keep the reader glued to your writing. When writing a good feature story, it require certain basic and special skills to make it appealing and generally persuasive. It can also be about your pet, favorite food or dresses and so on.

Identify the sources and collect all the relevant information. Use striking illustrations and anecdotes relevant to the topic.How to Write a Feature Story. A feature story is an essay written by a journalist or news reporter on varied subjects of human interest.

It can be a profile of someone or about some event. It can also be about your pet, favorite food or dresses and so on. When. Aug 20,  · How to Write a Feature Article. Featured articles are windows into the human experience, giving more detail and description than a hard news story, which typically relies on the style of writing.

Features focus on an event or individual, 86%(86).

How to Write a Feature Story

How to Write a Profile Feature Article s a student journalist, your mission is to inform your peers. Write for a national audience.

Obviously, your story will be grounded by your familiarity with your own school. But you should seek a variety of perspectives and several expert opinions.

Try. How To Write a Feature Story Popular content of print, electronic and Internet media What Are Feature Stories? Feature stories are human-interest articles that focus. Feature Writing tells the reader a story. It has a beginning (lead), middle and end. It uses quotes liberally and allows the reader to see the story through detailed description and vivid writing.

Transition/Quote Formula!

Lead: Most interesting information.

How to write a feature story pdf
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