Kiosk based grade inquiry system

What are the problems encountered by the students in the current grade inquiry system of Data Center College of the Philippines??? The advancement of technologies and development of systems that make works easier and faster are one of those changes.

Communications have been easier with the use of E-Mail and other communication programs. Scope and Limitations of the Study The Online Grade Inquiry System is intended to upgrade the existing system of showing or sending of student???

It is a secured multi-user system that includes all functionalities of showing, editing and submitting of grades. The school records that computers have been building for us are part of the foundation upon which the future will be built.

Expert people develop system that is used for the improvement of establishments. On the part of the students and parents, functionality of the system is focused on viewing of student grades. The development plays an essential role in developing the integral skills of certain individuals.

Innovation pushed websites to include tools for specialized services. The default username and password is given by the network admin and cannot be change by the students. To design a system that is secured which cannot be modified or retrieved by unauthorized person.

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This study is very accurate for those parents who are in abroad and provinces. This study was made to find out that the use of online??? The system is designed to operate from a web server and is accessible through any network or computer as long as there is an internet connection.

In most companies, it is a common practice for them to identify and then plan alternatives that will serve as remedy in a very effective and efficient manner.

The study aims to solve the following questions: Finally, the proposed system does not change existing policies and guidelines on grade computation and reporting. Significance of the study: The system provides all the subjects taken by students and their grades which are group by Semester and School Year.

Computers are capable of turning a Manual System to Computer-Based system to reduce tedious tasks. The fast paced development of technology made everyone??? What is the significant and difference wise of the proposed system from the existing system?

It is not good to hear, but that is the reality. And also to the parents who are working abroad they can tract if their child performing well at school.

Also in using the system it can recognize the persons involve this study.The ASIATECH Computerized Grades Inquiry System does not require any images of the students, teachers or Registrar staffs. It cannot determine who passed or failed, has no network capabilities; this is not an online program.

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Online Grade Inquiry System

KIOSK Information Systems leads the self-service solution industry. We provide expertise in hardware & software design, manufacturing, field & secure managed services. controlled, reliable, and efficient ASIST Web-Based Grade Entry and Inquiry System.

The output is the ASIST Web-Base Grade Entry and Inquiry System. The feedback of the study was based from the results of the system being tested and evaluated by the users or respondents and this provided room for improvement.

Kiosk based grade inquiry system
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