Marketing report for loreal

The promotional strategy of the company is to perform wide range of advertising and promotions among its targeted audience through adapting a range of promotional mediums such as web advertising, advertising through print media in the form of newspaper, magazines etc.

The bargaining power of suppliers has been relatively less because of large number of global shampoo provider along with various small players in the industry Tuan, Michel, and Muthukrishnan Apart from this, it has well segmented portfolio across different pricing tiers.

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These are the major industry players in dealing with the shampoos and other cosmetic products. In terms of threats are concerned, the economic diversity is a major threat to the company as propelled by the Eurozone debt crisis.

Threat of new entrants: Because of such higher customer expectations levels from shampoos, they are categorized has highly demanding.

2017 Annual Report

The situation is therefore highly difficult for the shampoo companies to penetrate the existing market. This includes women in the age group of years and the target market for shampoos also include the men in the age groups of years, as they are also highly concerned with their health conditions.

As for instance, the major hair related problems that are aimed to resolve by customer from using shampoos include dandruff problems, oil hair problems, dry hair problems and many more.

The firms providing shampoos for different hair related problems are many which lead to huge competition among them.

Competitor Analysis An analysis of the competition level in the industry implies that there are various global players in the industry that have significant level of reputation and presence.

The important aspects of marketing plan that are discussed includes a situation analysis, environmental analysis, competitor analysis, customer analysis, SWOT analysis and the designing of marketing mix. The threat of new entrant is higher because there are existing global players that have higher level of significance in the industry and they have well established reputation that makes it difficult for other players to make significant impact Aaker and Joachimsthaler, It should therefore adapt a pricing strategy of higher prices for its shampoo related products so that the attainment of higher market share to the company can be possible Smith, The diverse range of products and services allows for attaining good potential to achieve higher market share.

The customer expectations have increased significantly, and they look for different variants of shampoos for their different hair related problems. Rivalry among existing Firms: Environmental Analysis The environmental analysis through Porter Five Forces model is performed as follows: There are various companies offering different kinds of shampoos targeting different customer types.

Bargaining power of buyers: The company has certain major strength points such as good reputation, huge diversity of products within the shampoos division and as such, the marketing objective as considered appropriate is to achieve higher market share in the shampoos division.

The situation with respect to shampoo dealers in the industry implies that different sellers are targeting different customer types such as shampoos for dry hair, dandruff, oily scalp etc.The report will try to find out the role of consumer behaviour in marketing strategy planning and discover the process of how L'Oreal adapt the three factors to their marketing plans order to achieve success.

INTRODUCTION The Management report that I am presenting here reflects a complete analysis of L’Oreal With some very significant aspect. L'Oreal is a cosmetic company, which makes some of the world's biggest beauty products.

L'Oreal's success story begins in It has been the market leader in the cosmetics and toiletries market since (Euromonitor ). MANAGING MARKETING REPORT ON LORÉAL GROUP CRIS B L'Oreal, l), or launching competitions for hair stylists (The Argus ) and makeup artists (PR Newswire, ).

Sales Force The beauty advisers in stores are talking directly to customers, which according to L'Oréal's employ.

This report involved the performance of marketing plan in respect to L’Oreal Company especially in respect to its shampoos brand and the environmental analysis indicated that there has been higher competition level in the industry.

Annual Report An overview of L’Oréal inits Divisions, brands and countries, driven by its mission – Beauty for All – and strategy – Universalisation. Explore the report to find out more about the Group's strategy, highlights of the year, key figures and an analysis of the cosmetics market, through articles, videos and.

Marketing report for loreal
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