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The Black Death A. Chivalry, a code of conduct for the knightly class, enjoyed its final days of glory urine the war.

The popularity of the Robin Hood legends symbolized the deep resentment of aristocratic corruption and abuse. The demand for slaves increased. The schism brought the church into disrepute and wakened the religious faith of many.

Most people had no rational explanation for the disease, and out of ignorance and ear 3. Famine and the Black Death led to categorization and racial savagery. Many blamed it on Jews, causing thousands of Jews to be murdered.

Towns were dominated by immigrants while the countryside was dominated by natives. First English translation of the Bible.

McKay AP Euro Cornell Notes

John Housewife attacked papal authority and called for even more radical reform of church. The execution of William Wallace illustrated the violence in society.

Pathology and care 1. Its last occurrence was in France in She was turned over to the English and burned as a heretic in Marriage usually came at 16 to 18 years for women and later for men. Many literary masterpieces manifest this new national pride. Workers in Italy the comicGermany, and Spain also revolted.

Strikes and riots became frequent. Genomes ships brought the bubonic plague—the Black Death—to Europe In Divorce did not exist. Marriage and the family 1. Language differences between clergy and people led to tension in Poland, Ireland, and elsewhere.Ap Euro Kagan, Western Heritage 8th Edition.

Ch. 9 and 10 Study Guide. Words Jan 20th, 7 Pages. 9/10 – 9/14 P.1 Neuman AP Euro McKay AP Euro Cornell Notes Ch 12 & 13 Words | 15 Pages.

2. Renaissance people believed in individual will and genius. C. Humanism 1. Italians collected ancient manuscripts and. ACADEMICS > Academic Courses > Social Studies > AP® European History > Chapter Review Outlines Chapter 13 - European Society in the Age of the Renaissance Chapter 14 - Reform and Renewal in the Christian Church.

AP Euro Notes on Renaissance Essay  The evolution of the Italian Renaissance A. Beginnings 1. The Renaissance was a period of commercial, financial, political, and cultural achievement in two phases, from to and from to about Cornell Note pages ‐ six key terms and/or questions per Ms.

Oase Chapter 16 AP Euro Absolutism & Constitutionalism 16 Microsoft Word - HW Packet_Ch 16_Absolutism & Constitutionalism_McKay_docx. McKay AP Euro Cornell Notes Ch 12 & 13 Essay famines in the years 1.

Fewer calories meant increased susceptibility to disease and less energy for growing food.

B. Diseases killed many people and animals. C.

Economies slowed down and population growth came to a halt. Notes are written by Steven Mercado, former member of the AP European History Test Development Committee, co-author of the edition of the AP European History Teacher's Guide, and Question Leader at the AP Euro Reading!

Mckay ap euro cornell notes ch
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