Natural beauty of bangladesh

Here people enjoy life to the lees. Natural beauty of bangladesh types of vegetables and fishes are available in this season. Here is a list of the natural beauty of Bangladesh.

There is a natural rug of tea vegetation on little Posted by. In this party the villagers welcome their neighbors and guests by chira, murri and many kinds of pittha home made cakes. The tea landscapes in the mountain in Sylhet are wonderful areas. The smalls hills in Mymensingh area are also very beautiful landscapes.

The location of this historical palace is in the Kumartuli area near Buriganga River. The vast expanse of water presents a grand show.

The Natural Beauties of Bangladesh

There is also variety of color in the flowers. It is the daughter of the sea. The country had suffered from extensive corruption, [32] disorder and political violence.

The sky in an autumn nigh studded with innumerable stars appears to be a dreamland to the on-lookers. Like;-Mango, Jack-fruit, pine-apple etc. Spring by its magic touch gives them new dress of green leaves. In Comilla district, there are numerous ancient tourist spots, Lalmai-Mainamati, and many other tourist attractions.

The villagers arrange a party for getting new crops.

After the summer season the rainy season comes. The Seasons get changing after every two months. After this season the winter comes with the dew drops and trees without leaves, various kinds of pittha home made cakes and date juice etc.

The North, The west and the most part of the east is surrounded by India, the southeast part of the east is attached with Myanmar and The Bay of Bengal is to the south. In spring Bangladesh seems to be a box of flowers whence sweet fragrance comes out.

Natural Beauty of Bangladesh

White Lily is our national flower. The blue water of the sea and its rising waves are always a pleasant sight which cools our turbulent mind within a moment.

She enjoys the pleasures of sunny weather, variety of colours and displays an unending ocean of greenery. It is the season which blesses us with greenery, In autumn there is the game of hide and seek among the clouds, the blue sky and enchanting moonlight at night.

It agitated for autonomy in the s, and inits president, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Mujibwas jailed; he was released in after an unprecedented popular uprising.

In this term paper we want to describe about the beauty of our country. Winter also is not without its beauty.Bangladesh is a land of natural beauties. Here is some description about the nature of Bangladesh. Bangladesh is full-filled with many natural beauties. She is very beautiful in every where.

The vast Bay of Bengal is situated in the South of Bangladesh. The Meghna river is situated in the East. Bangladeshi Culture & its Natural Beauty. K likes. its a page, where the natural beauty of Bangladesh will be shown.

Bangladesh is the darling child of nature. Nature has rained her natural beauties on her darling child. Bangladesh is a country which is full of natural beauties. Bangladesh is country of natural beauty. It is a symbol of beauty. Bangladesh is a small country, but if you visit here, you will be amazed to its natural beauty.

Here is a list of the natural beauty of Bangladesh.

Natural beauty of bangladesh
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