Nurse practitoners in united states healthcare essay

Currently, states are in the process of revising practice acts, and schools of nursing are examining their APRN or NP programs to reflect the new model, which is expected to be nationally implemented by for new practitioners.

At the same time, the demographics of the American public were changing and marked by an aging population as well as a growing number of chronically ill adults and children.

Health Care System Today government has the highest expenditures on health care than any other country in the world yet Americans are yet to obtain better results. In light of the reforms brought by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the role of nurse practitioner has relatively changed.

This essay discusses several of the major factors involved in the establishment of the nurse practitioner role identifying past and current critical issues revolving around this significant health care provider. By the turn of the 21st century, most nurse practitioner programs credit hours far exceeded those in other graduate programs.

Nursing education responded to both the opportunity for funding and to the numbers of nurses demanding access to nurse practitioner programs. As a nurse practitioner, there are changes to my role in relation to enhancing health and health care in the United States.

Working in a multidisciplinary team has become an important aspect in the contemporary health care system because of the diverse nature and complications of care issues facing the American population. In most states, NPs must be registered nurses, graduates from accredited graduate programs, and hold certification that reflects the specialized nature of the graduate program e.

During this process, nurse practitioners should focus on care coordination,…. Although health reform efforts promise to bring over 30 million Nurse Practitioner Loretta Ford with unidentified nurse and baby previously uninsured people into the health system, those currently without health care access are not the only ones who sometimes have difficulty finding quality services.

The general practitioner, long a staple for primary care in suburban and rural communities, was slowly disappearing from the health care landscape. Excerpt from Term Paper: In pockets across the country, in poor rural and urban areas, individual nurses and physicians began to work together in response to the shortage of primary care physicians, growing numbers of people with health insurance, and population changes to improve patient care.

Nurse Practitioners: Shaping the Future of Health Care

All four roles require graduate degrees in order to qualify as a practitioner. In order to effectively handle these workloads and ensure patient satisfaction, nursing entails improving efficient care delivery and enhancing the practice environment.

For example, independent nurses and lay providers were and are the norm in many rural clinics, but, until recently, not in urban academic institutions or in places with many physicians.

At the same time, nurses were looking for ways to apply the skills and knowledge they already possessed through experience or their own education programs. Early on, pediatrics and gerontology programs were the most common programs, but by the s, NPs specialized in oncology, neonatology, and cardiology.According to the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, NPs have been providing care to patients for over 45 years.

The year has seenpracticing nurse practitioners in the United States alone, with 9, more expected to enter the work force (American Academy of Nurse Practitioners a, ).

Nurse Practitioner Role in Today 's Healthcare System in the United States&nbspTerm Paper

Nurse practitioners are the principal group of advanced-practice nurses delivering primary care in the United States. We reviewed the current and projected nurse practitioner workforce, and we summarize the available evidence of their contributions to improving primary.

Nurse Practitioner Essay Every since I was a In the United States and England the role has been in Read More. Words 12 Pages. Essay about Advanced Nurse Practice in Stroke Care Nurse Practitioners prescribe medication which usually RN’s cannot do, as well as treat illnesses, and administer physical exams.

The difference. Essay on Family Nurse Practitioner. Family Nurse Practitioner Family Nurse Practitioner Healthcare in the United States in the ’s and ’s experienced an upheaval with the expanded availability of the Medicare and Medicaid programs and the increased specialization of medicine.

Nursing, History, and Health Care» Nurse Practitioners: Shaping the Future of Health Care. Nurse Practitioners: Shaping the Future of Health Care accreditation, and certification requirements continue to evolve in response to changing needs.

In the United States, each state sets its own requirements for practice, and NPs must meet the. Nurse Practitoners in United States Healthcare Essay - Healthcare workers in the United States work together to provide the best possible care for patients that come into their facility.

Patients go through different waves of health care professionals before seeing an actual physician.

Nurse practitoners in united states healthcare essay
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