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The English were unhappy having a female ruler in the beginning, but grew to adore their new Queen. This shows true devotion to both her men, and country. In the chief church of London praises of Elizabeth are sung at the end of hymnals.

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They were most likely biased towards Elizabeth people they valued her friendship. In early Europe women did not hold political, religious, and social power until the regiment of Queen Elizabeth I in England. The statement by Edward Rishton is biased because he was most likely angry with Elizabeth for her opposite protestant views.

After a few years, the English grew to love, and adore their Queen. Elizabeth went against these views by applying strict leadership skills and demonstrating her right to rule.

The women should obey their husband, and cease from commanding.

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Elizabeth tells the people to have faith in her ability to rule and that she will make the best decisions because she cares for her nation as she would a marriage to a husband.

Finally, Elizabeth addresses the English troops, before the attempted invasion of the Spanish Armada Document With her head held high, and courageous Elizabeth responds to these thoughts of her regiment with strength to prove she can rule as good as any man, and to show devotion to her people.

She can rule just as well alone, and that she is already married to her Kingdom. Hire Writer This too is biased because he is a traditional male ruler, and believes in the traditional church. A speech said by Elizabeth to parliament is shown in document Elizabeth tells them that she will fight by their side, not for sport, but to live or die amongst her men, and for God.

He praises her on how she can, by touching them, can heal people diseases on their skin. Elizabeth did all that she could to prove herself within both government and church aspects. Similarly, Elizabeth makes a speech to Parliament Document 11 stating she does not need to marry.

No foreign prince may have jurisdiction over her realm. More Essay Examples on Elizabeth I of England Rubric Lastly a Roman priest, in document 7, shows his disapproval for the popularity that Elizabeth is gaining from the people.

This shows bias even though they are Bishops of England, Elizabeth just gained power and they are more traditional. She goes on to give one of her most famous speeches where she says she may have the body of a weak feeble woman, but has the heart and stomach of a king, of a King of England.

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With her head held high, Queen Elizabeth responded to those controversies, and showed she can rule a nation, along with showing devotion to her people. In England its not a dangerous thought that they have a female ruler because she shares her power coincide with parliament.

A personal chaplain of Elizabeth, William Tooker, describes her great healing power on people and her use of religious techniques in document 9. Elizabeth believes that it is her duty to control all matters and she assures the public eye she is capable of all obstacles. That all resolutions that parliament make has no impact without her authority.

The will take counsel from men who understand justice, and the laws, and she will find them somewhere in her kingdom. How to cite this page Choose cite format: Therefore, by describing these ceremonies, Tooker wanted to persuade others of his belief in the power of Elizabeth as head of the church.

Elizabeth responded to the negativity by standing up for what she felt was right and enforcing her rule as a Women queen. In The Act of Supremacy by the English Parliament Document 3 it states that the Queen is the highest of authority in her country as well as over the church.

He praises her on how Elizabeth looks.AP® European History Free-Response Questions. The queen’s highness is the only supreme governor* of this realm and of all other her highness’s dominions and countries, as well in all spiritual or ecclesiastical things or birthday of Queen Elizabeth in the most solemn way on.

Throughout early European history women had not held high positions of political, religious, and social power. However, this all changed when Elizabeth I became the Queen of England, and the Supreme Head of the Anglican Church from DBQ on Elizabeth I Sarah Dismukes February 16, 4th Period Ms.

Tucker Many countries, including the United States, have never had a woman ruler. Francesca Ratovich p.3 Elizabeth I DBQ Elizabeth I is considered a Machiavellian queen; she placed the political unity of England above any other aspect of her kingdom, including religion.

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According to the Church of England, a woman cannot be a priest, therefore she cannot be the head of the church.

The political effect of Elizabeth’s feminine image is illustrated by Document 8; the queen’s gown is shown to envelop England, implying that Elizabeth’s appearance as the elegant Virgin Queen helped her control her subjects to a greater extent.

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