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Although a traditional society provides the value of family and valuing what you earn, modern society emphasises creativity and individuality. We can create a rule of law which compels all organisations to submit their disputes to negotiation, mediation and arbitration, rather than settle them by strikes which paralyse national life and put the community to great inconvenience.

Chemistry gave mankind gun powder which resulted in the destruction of feudalism and the emergence of the modern State. We now have factories employing lakhs of workers, industrial combines and trusts with incomes larger than the revenues of many States, big cooperative stores and stores owned and managed by private entrepreneurs, nation-wide political parties and parties of an international character.

Science has not proved that Malthus was wrong. The law of gravity came into conflict with the view of Providence as omnipotent, kind and generous who responded to prayers, achieved miracles and set things right. Each class period is a mix of lecture and discussion, with two or more students preparing to lead each discussion.

Yet, it cannot be said that the material and manpower resources of the world are being utilised on a scientific and planned basis. The resources of the world in many things are very limited, and there is always the fear that, if they continue to be used on the present scale, they would be exhausted before long.

PThompson to describe and provide a description of a traditional society.

Campbell, staying neutral in his article, states both a good and bad side to this society. The same short-sightedness is being displayed over population growth. There is no theoretical limit to what man can achieve through science and technology. Anyone who offered a different interpretation based on scientific laws was severely frowned upon.

Smithsonian history of science and technology: The machine has not only relieved man of heavy burdensome tasks, but has also provided him with ample leisure in which he can engage himself in cultural pursuits, cultivate various kinds of hobbies and travel.

Science gives knowledge and power, but not necessarily wisdom. Science has helped man see the world and life in it really as they are. When one is part of the family, there are certain rules, certain traditions you are born under and must follow.

Newton himself believed in God and he held that a Creator was necessary to set the universe in motion, but once the process had started, it required no further supernatural intervention.

There does seem to be a very large, very open idea of gender difference. Riots would occur when the price for food, specifically bread, was increased. As with our other courses, students may, for a donation to the Center, request in advance to take the course not-for-credit through the Center for the Study of Science Fiction on a space-available basis.

Aman is seen as brave, courageous and cannot be blamed if he sexually assaults a woman since men lack patience.

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Short essay on the relation between Science and Society

2 (3) Class Participation: Although class participation is not compulsory, I hope you will try PART 1 Defining Science and Technology Chapter; Lecture notes. SOSC Lecture 9: traditional and modern society by OneClass 9 Pages Views 7 Likes School.

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Science, it is said, is creating problems faster than they can be solved. This is really not a criticism of science, but of man's inability to adjust himself to the changed conditions.

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LECTURE NOTES ON SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY AND SOCIETY/5(15). Graduates of the Science, Technology, & Society program are suited for employment in a variety of settings where their broad view of the technologies, natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities are desirable for the solution of problems.

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Science and society lecture notes essay
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