Scope of commerce

The major task of our company is to provide end to end eCommerce solutions in India as well as to provide the best services to start and set up business online.

Course duration is generally 2 years. Dealing with clients who have problems concerning adjustment with work, family and helping them lead a better and healthy life is what I strive for.

Have coordinated training programs, and developed a new product for leadership development of adolescents, conducted many workshops and lectures for parents, teachers and students during my tenure at the school.

Courses after 12th Commerce

Buiness is the act of producing a product or service that expands our national wealth in the hopes of making money from it. It may not be possible to produce goods whenever they are demanded. Wholesale — A trader who buys in bulk large quantities from the producers and sell it in small quantities to the retailers or straight to the customers.

Different people have different needs and wants. But if the same trader sells goods to customers, it will form a part of commerce because profit motive is present. The Commerce Clause is a grant of power to Congress, not an express limitation on the power of the state to regulate the economy.

Import — The buying of goods from foreign countries and sale it locally For example: He possesses vast experience in teaching and career counseling. He posses extensive experience in the field of counseling. He worked with many organizations, Government departments as a behavioral consultant and trainer.

Transportation facilities help in creating place utility in goods. Pharma means drug an "ognosy" means the knowledge of. The emergence of e-commerce as a way of customerspurchasing has persuaded many companies to create an e-commerce website and virtual shops or malls.

E-Commerce is a trade that takes place on internet. A choice has to be made out of the sole-proprietorship, partnership. Caring goods from one place to another by investing capital in motive to earn profit.

Whole of this information is sent through communication devices of post office, telephone, telex, etc.

Scope of Commerce with Maths?

Article shared by Nature of Commerce Commerce is considered to be a part of business. Built on the Runway framework for WordPress. Profit is an incentive or reward for undertaking commercial activities. It has two categories first is trade and second is Aid to trade.

Commerce involves a study of various forms of organisation and their suitability in different situations. The communication services play a vital role in the promotion of business activities.

Scope of eCommerce

Duration depends on how you take training and clear exams. Scope of commerce deals with those activities which are undertaken for profit. The producers go on producing goods as per their capacity.

Economic activities are taken up with a motive to earn profits. Crops like padi and wheat are seasonal crops therefore they have to stored to ensure a continuous supply in the market throughout the year b. The Commerce Compromise allows the federal government to taximports but not exports.

Joint Hindu family firm, joint stock company and co-operative societies. The goods are taken to those places where they are in need.

You can introduce all the services offered by you on the digital space along with your contact information. It means that goods should be purchased for trading purposes.

Oil, Gas, and Prawn Aids to Trade is divided ito 6: The variety and scope of Chamber activities are unlimited. Some under-takings are set up as public enterprises and public utilities.Commerce is the study of business activities Commerce is a division of trade or production which deals with the exchange of goods and services from producer to final consumer The producer is a person who produced or made goods.

The scope of commerce is widespread. It deals with the buying and selling of goods, commodities and services. It has two categories first is trade and second is Aid to trade.

Scope of E-Commerce is immense. But currently there are many competitors in the market which are not only for the shopping of electronic things or clothes or such but now many platforms have come up with the Services like online selling of Furniture, Groceries etc.

Scope of eCommerce. Scope of e-commerce, web design 15 Comments. Digitization of eCommerce – Scope of eCommerce in India. Nowadays, India is in a completely growing stage of development and we need to update our business to the growing needs of the new generation.

Commerce has a wide scope. it deals with not only the activities related to transfer of goods and services but also with the development and promotion of trade and its allied activities. The activities relating to various branches of commerce will have to be properly understood.

Jun 17,  · What is the future scope and career prospects after completing 12th with arts or commerce stream? Is maths compulsory subject for becoming a Chartered Accountant(CA)? If yes then should I take coaching for maths as I am a computers along with commerce student in 12th.

Scope of commerce
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