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Propaganda and secret police ensured that, if indoctrination failed, then terror would reign supreme, instilling fear into the people and ensuring their control. He saw the state as an instrument of power in which the qualities to be valued were discipline, unity and sacrifice.

Both emphasised leadership as a means of national unification to establish their total control. This undercurrent of discontent, which involved many important leaders of the Communist Party and the General Committee, led Stalin to fear that he might be replaced, especially as his old opponents and defeated rivals were still lurking around the political arena.

Hitler repressed his political opponents, put his rivals in concentration camps and suppressed non-Germans. Your greetings I refer to the great party of the working class, which gave me birth and taught me.

This meant that the German people supported his tyrannical rule, similarly to the Russians, and each were able to maintain control through their own personality cult.

Lenin - Stalin Comparison

Many citizens felt uneasy about being surrounded by hostile capitalist states as well, which in any future economic crisis other states might try again to invade the workers state, only an industrially strong USSR would have the military capacity to defeat such a threat. However the economic growth did lead Russia and its army to afford better military equipment as well as new technologies and new artillery, necessary to defeat Hitler and the Nazis.

Because lower and middle classes made up the majority of Germany, and basically all of Russia, they reached the highest positions by appealing to the lowest classes.

Hitlerian Germany was based on the Fuhrerprinzip, visualizing the concentration of power in the hands of a leader, unlimited by any kind of constitutional or parliamentary control, with authority to direct the state.

Hitler vs. Stalin

That is his major blame of Stalin. R under Stalin Since the peasants lived in abject poverty, Stalin believed he could win them through promising economic and social reform through collectivisation.

That is why all the history books were rewritten. In fact everything was taken away from those arrested in And those people were in charge of industrialization.

He had never concerned himself with having many awards, as, for example, did Brezhnev with Five Stars of the Hero of the Soviet Union. Stalin also wanted to look good in the eyes of history.

Stalin vs. Hitler Essay Sample

The first case erupted in when Hitler enounced the official boycott of all Jewish shops and professional services then came a law passed a year, which removed all Jewish citizens from government posts, completely removing their role in German society. Khrushchev also indicts him of fabricating cases against honest Bolsheviks.

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The summer ofHitler began the complete extermination against communist and Jews, the secret police SS rounded up all of the Jewish people throughout all occupied areas and performed systematic mass murder.

We will write a custom essay sample on Hitler vs. Both evidenced a singleness of goal combined with complete tactical flexibility and shared a passion to dominate all around them.Research Paper on Hitler and Stalin.

By Lauren Bradshaw. January 20, How Convincing Is The View that Stalin Simply Took Lenin’s Policies To Their Logical Extent? The Industralisation of the U.S.S.R under Stalin Buy Essay College Essay Critical Essay Custom Essay Example Essay Free Essay Non. Stalin’s party was thoroughly different from that of Lenin.

For, “if ideology could influence events, then it was also shaped and changed by it”, (Cohen). If Lenin was impacted by the Civil War, then Stalinist had gone through different stages of evolution as well.

Stalin feared that trade with the west would let Russia be open to influences of the west which would have overpowered the strength of Stalin’s Regime. In conclusion when comparing the careers of Hitler and Stalin it is safe to assume that the impact of Stalin was greater than that of Hitler.

The sick, ailing Lenin knew he was dying soon. After suffering two strokes, it was time to decide on a new leader for the country.

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He had more faith in Trotsky than in Stalin, describing Stalin's motives as evil, and wanting Trotsky to carry on/5(1). Stalin vs. Hitler Essay Sample. Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin were the most powerful dictators, as well as individually performing the largest political suppressions of the twentieth century.

Essay on Hitler vs. Stalin Words | 4 Pages Stalin vs. Hitler If two men were to be tagged with having the most impact, good or bad, on twentieth century Europe the names Joseph Stalin and Adolph Hitler would ring loud and clear.

Stalin vs lenin essay example
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