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Graduate School policy allows for no more than one committee member to be physically absent from the dissertation defense; candidates who intend to constitute their committees with more than one "distant" member including former CCR faculty should take this into account.

While the list below indicates separate and essential elements for the prospectus, each research project has its own logic and should be presented so as to make its claims most powerfully. If the status of a committee member changes from Reader to Core Committee, e.

Steven Cohan Committee Members: Before proceeding to the oral examination, the Director and the Core Committee should agree that the dissertation is ready for defense. Dissertation There are four "stages" to the dissertation process: Typically, a prospectus will be 10 to 15 double-spaced pages readable fontplus a preliminary bibliography.

Crystal Bartolovich Committee Members: July 1, Title: April 30, Ruma Sinha Title: January 29, Title: Gail Hamner] "Visionary Architecture: Arnold] "The Problem of Philosophical Theology. April 29, Title: The Dissertation Director and candidate will work with the outside readers to specify when they will receive the completed draft of the dissertation.

Recently Defended Dissertations and Prospectuses

What methodology or conceptual tools will you use to investigate your subject? The Director works most closely and directly with a candidate, and should be chosen with both content expertise and interpersonal compatibility in mind.

Patricia Cox Miller] "Guru Love: Waghorne] "All Joking Aside: Appointing a Defense Chair. Show why this is an appropriate method. One of the most important functions of your dissertation director is as a source of advice and guidance for the project itself.

The Composition and Cultural Rhetoric Doctoral Program (CCR)

In other words, this is not simply a ceremonial appointment. Devotion to a 21st-Century Mystic.

Indicate why the research should be considered significant for the field. April 5, Title: Although you should consult STEPS well in advance of your planned defense date, here are some key deadlines and procedures to bear in mind as you near the end of the dissertation process.

This allows the candidate time to read and address their responses at the defense itself.

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Long] "Tumultuous Meetings and the Fury of Freedom: Gail Hamner] "The Body of Love: Evolution, Affect and Radical Embodiment. Gail Hamner] "Brothers in Blood: April 20, Title: When you file your dissertation with the Graduate School, you will have the opportunity to order copies of it at a discounted price.

May 10, Haejoo Kim Title: April 22, Title: Arnold and Charles H. Arnold] "Asceticism and Allegory:SURFACE, the Syracuse University Research Facility And Collaborative Environment, is a full-text, multi-media online database that provides open access to the extensive and diverse array of scholarly, professional, scientific, and creative output produced at Syracuse University.

To browse dissertations and theses by academic department or program, please go to the Collections: Browse by Research Unit, Center, or Department page. Note: The full text of dissertations provided by ProQuest is available to Syracuse University faculty, students, and staff through this site.

Syracuse University College of Arts and Sciences Depart url The Dissertation Prospectus Hearing. Prior to the prospectus hearing, the candidate must submit a completed Program of Study form to the CCR Coordinator of Graduate Studies.

Recent Doctoral Dissertations in the Department of Religion at Syracuse University. Skip to main content. Syracuse University College of Arts and Sciences Depart url Recent Ph.D.

Recent Ph.D. Dissertations (2000-2017)

Dissertations () "The Desire for Utopia in the Critical Study of Religion" [Advisor: M. Gail Hamner]. Syracuse University College of Arts & Sciences English Recently Defended Dissertations and Prospectuses Patricia Roylance and Jennifer Higginbotham (The Ohio State University) Oral Examination Chair: Amanda Eubanks-Winkler (Department of Art and Music Histories).

Dissertation. A dissertation must demonstrate a high level of scholarly and analytical ability and the candidate’s intimate familiarity with key aspects of knowledge pertaining to the research topic.

Syracuse university dissertations
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