The domesday doomsday book including bibliographies essay

Almar an Anglo-Saxon held it in alod freehold from King Edward.

Interpreting Domesday

As Domesday Book normally records only the Christian name of an under-tenant, it is not possible to search for the surnames of families claiming a Norman origin; but much has been done, and is still being done, to identify the under-tenants, the great bulk of whom bear foreign Christian names.

Through comparison of what details are recorded in which counties, six "circuits" can be determined plus a seventh circuit for the Little Domesday shires. Typically, this happened in a town, where separately-recorded properties had been demolished to make way for a castle. Three sources discuss the goal of the survey: In a supplementary volume, separately indexed, was published containing The Exon Domesday —for the south-western counties The Inquisitio Eliensis The Liber Winton —surveys of Winchester late in the 12th century.

The survey, in the scope of its detail and the speed of its execution, was perhaps the most remarkable administrative accomplishment of the Middle Ages.

The survey provided the King with information on potential sources of funds when he needed to raise money. Broadly speaking, where three valuations are provided, the general pattern is of a sharp decline between and c.

Commissioners were then sent out to assess the situation on the ground, questioning local juries in detail. Subsequent history[ edit ] Domesday chest, the German-style iron-bound chest of c.

Domesday: Britain's finest treasure

In the Middle Ages, its evidence was frequently invoked in the law-courts; and even now, there are certain cases in which appeal is made to its testimony.

What is believed to be a full transcript of these original returns is preserved for several of the Cambridgeshire Hundreds and is of great illustrative importance. Based on the Domesday survey ofwhich was drawn up on the orders of King William I, it describes in remarkable detail, the landholdings and resources of late 11th-century England, demonstrating the power of the government machine in the first century of the new Millennium, and its deep thirst for information.

On this last occasion Great Domesday was divided into two physical volumes, and Little Domesday into three volumes. The other, Great Domesday, covers much of the remainder of England and parts of Wales, except for lands in the north which later became Westmorland, Cumberland, Northumberland, and the County Palatine of Durham.

For no other period do we have data of this kind on a national or even regional basis for even a single year, let alone two or three years, years moreover which saw enormous changes in English social and economic history. Scholars, however, have worked to identify the under-tenants, most of whom have foreign Christian names.

Pricepages ; and for the debate on the meaning of the values, see A commercialising society, edited by R. And all the recorded particulars were afterwards brought to him.

Subsequent history Main article: The place-names found in the Domesday Book are township and estate names, and may include other villages and hamlets that receive no specific mention in the text; for example, the Domesday entry for Shepshed, near Loughborough, includes the settlements of Long Watton, Lockington and Hemington, but they are not specifically mentioned.

At a later date probably in the Tudor period both volumes were given new covers. For Wales, only parts of certain border areas are included.

Their methods of proceeding do seem to have varied from circuit to circuit so comparative analysis by historians can be misleading. After a great political convulsion such as the Norman conquest, and the following wholesale confiscation of landed estates, William needed to reassert that the rights of the Crown, which he claimed to have inherited, had not suffered in the process.

In modern times, the books have been removed from London on only a few exceptional occasions. Domesday is thus more than a legal and fiscal document. For most English villages and towns but not, unfortunately, London and Winchester, for which no Domesday records surviveDomesday is the starting point of their history.

Top Why was the Domesday Book compiled? The successful trial of Odo de Bayeux at Penenden Heath less than a decade after the conquest was one example of the growing discontent at the Norman land-grab that had occurred in the years following the invasion.

Learn More in these related Britannica articles: Although these can by no means be reconciled in every detail, it is now generally recognised that the primary object of the survey was to ascertain and record the fiscal rights of the king.

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From the towns, from the counties as wholes, and from many of its ancient lordships, the crown was entitled to archaic dues in kind, such as honey. This survey and audit would clearly establish who held what, in the wake of the Norman Conquest itself This may be an exaggeration of what actually happened, but it does show how the survey was perceived at the time.

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The Domesday Book

Commercial site with extracts from Domesday Book Domesday Book entries including translations for each settlement. Open Domesday Interactive map, listing details of each manor or holdings of each tenant, plus high-resolution images of the original manuscript.

The National Archives is the home of Domesday Book, the oldest surviving public record. Find out how to search for your town or village, and how to access images of Domesday along with an English translation, using our research guide.

Learn more about out why and how Domesday was created, and how to interpret it, in ‘Discover Domesday’;. Talk:Domesday Book.

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Is it possible to find inaccuracies? Is Domesday Book really Doomsday Book in Middle English? Produced at amazing speed in the years after the Conquest, the Domesday Book provides a vivid picture of late 11th-century England. Find out how it was compiled, and what it reveals about life in.

The domesday doomsday book including bibliographies essay
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