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We know from various sources that from as early as the late 8th Century, large geographically related forms of identity, such as Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian existed. Why do we think of the Vikings as one people?

How were the stories and myths about Viking Gods passed on? What weapon did Thor use for protection? It is against this body of knowledge about the Danes that we tend to compare the other Vikings.

The historian al-Yaqubi, in his geographical study of the Mediterranean, linked the Scandinavians from Sweden known as the Rus to those from Denmark who sacked Seville, in Spain.

Most of what we know about the Vikings both politically and culturally is derived from analyses of the Danes. We have since realized the inadequacy of this view. Fun Facts on Viking Gods for Kids Enjoy our fast, fun facts for kids on Viking Gods compiled a useful fact file format with free pictures and a funny video to help make the learning process easy, funny and great fun!

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The goal of the Rus was primarily to trade or so we think. Unfortunately, the cultural understanding of the Vikings continues to propagate the one-people myth.

In contrast to their cousins in Norway and Sweden, the Danes consistently appear to have been a regional, cultural, and military power from the mid-8th century onward. They held it for years until the Bretons expelled them, only to find a derelict city and no concerted effort to colonize the land as had been done in Britain and Normandy by the Danes.

Similarly, the Swedes, then known as Varangians, or Rus, were poised to discover and pillage Vikings homework help lands in the east along the Volga and Dnieper rivers. Finds from Norway to Denmark to the Grobin Colony in what is today Latvia shows that there was a common culture shared across Scandinavia.

These are not to be confused with the notion of national identity of the modern era—there were no unified forms of government that we would consider a nation-state quite yet, although they would develop soon after that through the late middle ages. Even the Franks admitted in the Annals of Fulda that the Danes were the most powerful among the Northmen.

And let us not forget that the 19th century was still an age of belief, where Christian dogma was always for the most part universally accepted in Western Europe. Our sources for the Vikings and their culture are an accumulation of chronicles and histories written first and foremost by religious scholars.

As a political power, the Danes also had the closest thing to a monarchy of any of the three regions. Unfortunately, we do not know all that much about the early political formations of Norway and Sweden. Discover the answers on the fun fact sheet, you will learn lots of information about the Viking way of life - see how life in the Viking Era compares to your own - prepare to be surprised!

September 5, Today we refer to Viking Age Scandinavians generally as Vikings as though they were one group. The Norwegian group who sacked the city of Nantes infor example, referred to themselves as Vestfaldingi, or Men of Vestfold.

Learn about the Viking warriors and discover why the Vikings invaded other countries, learn about their weapons and armour and find out if Viking helmets really did have horns and wings?

What this allowed was for the same slanted view of Viking Age Scandinavians to persist for a time, which eventually led to the cultural perception that the Vikings were, in no uncertain terms, one people.

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Although there is no mention of what came of that meeting, it demonstrates that the Danes were heavily involved in the events of the time and did not just appear from nowhere.

The free fact files and free fact sheets include cool info plus a free video, they are great guide to the Viking Era and include topics about warriors, ships, women, children, history, clothing and daily home life Fun Facts on Vikings Ships for Kids Find out quick, fun facts and interesting information using our useful fact files and fact sheets on Viking Ships.

Can you describe a Vikings Home? With pictures and fun video on every page, which new facts will you learn? An example of this is the invasion of Brittany in the late 9th Century where Norwegian Vikings took control of the regional center of Nantes.The difference between Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish Vikings has less to do with cultural differences and more to do with how much we know about each.

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What Was the Difference Between Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish Vikings? Vikings: Season 1: The Vikings, Travis Fimmel, Katheryn Winnick, Jessalyn Gilsig, Gabriel Byrne, Clive Standen, Gustaf Skarsgard, Nathan O'Toole, George. The Vikings This site contains videos. 'Walk' through a Viking village. Find out who the Vikings were and get an idea of the extent of.

Introduction to the Vikings in Britain. The Viking Age in Britain began about 1, years ago in the 9th Century AD and lasted for just over years.

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